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Useful Music

Useful Music

What is Useful Music?

Useful Music is a music app that features specially designed music created in-house to help you work, rest and everything in-between.


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Our music is inspired, created and designed in-house with applied research into the physiological benefits of music in mind

Browse  our highly curated music that helps you in a variety of different ways such as work, increase focus, engage, rest, slow down and sleep

Create and customise your own playlists to help you get even more out of our music



Useful Music was started in an effort to demonstrate the utility of music, how music can be used to help, enhance or facilitate any activity that you may be doing. It is common for music therapists to use music and sound to positively influence people. We have taken various techniques used by music therapists and applied them to our own flavour of ambient music in an effort to create music that is useful for those wishing to work, relax and everything in between.

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